Come molti di voi sapranno il 12 dicembre uscirà il DVD del magnifico concerto di Steve Hogarth a Roma l’anno passato. Siamo estremamente orgogliosi di farne parte! Condividere il palco con un artista del calibro di H è stato davvero impegnativo, ma appagante: una serata magica e indimenticabile da rivivere in video.

Grazie mille a H per l’opportunità e per le sue toccanti parole sul nostro lavoro. Grazie a The Web Italy e a Davide Costa, che ha reso possibile tutto questo. Grazie a tutti coloro che sono venuti a sentirci suonare quella sera. Grazie a tutti voi che comprerete il DVD.

Queste le parole di Steve Hogarth:

I have been somewhat badgered lately by folk asking when there will be some new h Natural show downloads available?
Well, good news, and much better than that!

I am proud to announce a double DVD!
DVD 1 is the movie of the (now-legendary, so they tell me) solo concert and “one-night-only” collaboration with Italian band Ranestrane (“Strange Frog”) in Rome on September 12, 2015. As you will see and hear, their musicianship and sensitivity for my music was breathtaking. It was an extraordinary night and I’m so happy we managed to capture it.

Along with DVD 1 is a bonus DVD of my Christmas show in the Museum of History, Stockholm, last year. A Gothic and moody affair, but not without moments of the bizarre – not least when the chap ambled up and put his fingers in my hair as I sang “This is the 21st Century”.

Two very different evenings but each with their own atmospheres in two of the world’s most precious cities.

Available to order from 12th December – I will remind you.

Love and aquaducts,




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