Daniele is member and founder of the band.
In this project he’s the drummer.lead singer and one of the composers (he also plays occasionally flute,keyboards and trumpet)
RanestRane are an Italian rock band formed in Rome in 1998 and they’re one of the most peculiar band in progressive music.
Their specialty is writing concept albums which take inspiration from art films such as “Nosferatu the Vampyre” by W. Herzog, “The Shining” and “2001 A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick.
The band composes a new musical soundtrack closely following the scenes of the movie, and the result has been called “Cine-concert”, making their live shows a quite unique experience.
In April 2013 RanestRane played in Japan at the “Italian Progressive Festival” in Tokyo.

At the end of 2014 – after their third album with special guests such as Steve Hogarth and Steve Rothery from Marillion – RanestRane has been on tour supporting the Steve Rothery Band throughout Europe/UK for 15 dates.

In March 2015 RanestRane has been support act at the Marillion Weekend in the Netherlands in front of 3000 people and their exhibition has been a great success.
In September 2015 they played an acoustic show with Steve Hogarth at the Auditorium in Rome. It was such a special gig with ancient instruments like Harp, Harmonium and Mandolin. Quite peculiar and successful.
In November 2015 they played the entire Marillion album Misplaced Childhood with Steve Rothery for a couple of dates.

The band have recently released their new album “H.A.L.” – the second of a trilogy dedicated to ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’, again with Steve Rothery in it – and they did a long tour across Europe and Scandinavia to promote this new album.




Assembled in January 2010 with a monumental task, by February KCrimsonicK were already on stage performing a three songs set to open ex King Crimson violinist David Cross concert in Rome. In the following months, the band kept working and rehearsing the full setlist, including the most utterly complex and challenging music King Crimson ever played. KcrimsonicK point of reference is in fact the 1973/1974 King Crimson incarnation, namely the one that recorded and released the amazing “Lark’s Tongues in Aspic”, “Starless and Bible Black” and “Red” trilogy.

KcrimsonicK line up includes five top musicians:
Lorenzo Feliciati (Pat Mastellotto,Virgil Donati,Colin Edwin,Saint Louis Music School educator),Riccardo Romano (RanestRane,Steve Rothery,Steve Hogarth),Giacomo Anselmi (Goblin,Saint Louis Music School educator),Daniele Pomo (RanestRane,Steve Hackett,Steve Rothery,Steve Hogarth,Saint Louis Music School Coordinator) ,Andrea Bassato (Le Orme).




In early 2012 Marco and Flavio decide to start a project named INIOR where they are the two permanent members: the project main focus is the composition, production and representation of Rock Operas.

Two years later on 1st November 2014, their first album is released. the title chosen for the work is “Hypnerotomachia”, a Greek word that means “a fight for love in a dream”. Recording, mixing and mastering sessions take place in Rome from August 2013 to September 2014 with the cooperation of musicians like Daniele Pomo – Drums (drum teacher @ “St. Louis College of Music” of Rome) and Riccardo Romano – mixing (Steve Rothery Band).
The album obtains positive reviews from music magazines from all over the world.
It is distributed worldwide by the famous italian progressive label BTF.

The band – with the lineup Berlenghini – Pomo – Dante – Mastrovito – Stazi – performs his music in most of the major venues in Rome and had the chance to present the album to a bigger audience live on “Saturday Rock Live” – Radio Rock and with an interview on Radio Popolare Roma.

INIOR is a neoprog / progressive rock band founded in Rome by Marco Berlenghini and Flavio Stazi.
Daniele recorded the drums in the album “Hypnerotomachia” and now he is part of the band and play drums on all live performances.




EllesmereEllesmere is the brainchild of Roberto Vitelli, bass & guitar player from Italian prog band Taproban. As opposite to the bombastic sound of the band, with Ellesmere Vitelli focuses on an acoustic and yet symphonic approach, delivering a stunning 40 minutes suite much in the style of early Genesis and Anthony Phillips works (ref. The Geese and the Ghost).

As the “Le Chateux de la Loire” title suggests, every section of the suite is dedicated to one of the ancient French castles that reside along the Loire river. Several acoustic, classical and 12 strings arpeggiato guitar layers are topped with beautiful strings and flute melodies (John Hackett is guesting on most of the tracks) and an original vintage Mellotron provides further orchestration. Special guests also include Daniele Pomo from RanestRane on drums and percussion, and vocals master Luciano Regoli (Raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno, Samadhi) added multitrack vocal armonies on four songs. The icing on the cake is a very special and rare feature by Anthony Phillips himself as The Narrator.


The Rome Project


Three and ½ years after the huge success of their eponymus debut album, “The Rome Pro(G)ject”, Steve Hackett on guitars (Genesis/Gtr/Solo), David Jackson on winds (VDGG), Billy Sherwood on bass (Yes/Circa/Solo) and Vincenzo Ricca (keyboards), teamed up with a bunch of fantastic musicians, are about to release their second album, “II – Of Fate and Glory”.66 minutes of instrumental progressive rock in 10 tracks plus a bonus one.As per its title, this is a (musical) story “of fate and glory” about ancient Rome, from its beginning dated 753 b.C., up to its maximum territorial expansion, reached in 117 a.C., after 870 years of continuous conquests of the then known world.
Not coincidentally, the cd album will be released on April 21st., on the day of the 2769th anniversary of Rome’s foundation.
“The Rome Pro(G)ject II” are: Vincenzo RICCA keyboards, Steve HACKETT electric and classical guitars, David JACKSON saxophones and flutes, Billy SHERWOOD bass, drums and electric guitar with Mauro MONTOBBIO and Luca GROSSO of NARROW PASS, Riccardo ROMANO and Daniele POMO of RANESTRANE, LORENZO FELICIATI, Franck CARDUCCI, Giorgio CLEMENTELLI, Paolo RICCA, Special guest appearance by Joanna “Jo” LEHMANN HACKETT (guiding voice on “Of Fate and Glory”).