Daniele Pomo is available for productions and single recordings in many different musical styles in his own professional studio with professional equipment.

  • The obvious technical advantages are:
  • The drum kit is permanently set up and miked with highest quality professional microphones (18 mics availability on a single session!!)
  • The desk channels are preset, “sound checked” and ready to record.

Drum takes recorded into audio separate tracks (possibility of 18 different tracks on a single drumkit) ,exported in AIFF,WAVE or INTERLEAVED SOUND DESIGNER formats (16 or 24 bit and 44.1 or 48 khz) either for PC or MAC

The advantages from a drum point of view are numerous – Daniele has a ton of equipment here, more than he could ever manage to bring along to an external session


Daniele’s Studio gear

Acoustic recordings:

6 professional Drumsets
15 snare drums
50 cymbals
Hand percussion and acoustic effects

Electronic and MIDI recordings:

Roland Handsonic HPD15 for every kind of electronic percussive sounds
DDrum 4 Electronics Drums equipped with Clavia Percussions Lybrary or with VST instruments

Microphones :